Privacy Policy

General Provision

This Privacy Policy is a part of the Legal Terms and Conditions of the Website and applies to any User of the Website This Privacy Policy CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES states the treatment of personal information that CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES collects when the User accesses and uses the Website.

Collection of User’s Personal Information

By using the Website and providing any personal information, the User consents to the collection and use of the data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The personal information provided by the User may be retained by CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES to keep track of User’s access to the Website, to create a profile of the User to better serve it, or to contact the User either electronically or otherwise. CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES does not intend to retain User’s personal information longer than is necessary for the purpose it was collected.


The User is aware that CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES may use cookies, which are small data files that the Website can transfer to the User’s hard drive to keep records of the visits to the Website. Cookies are used by CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES to speed navigation, keep track of sessions and remember information. Cookies help CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES to see how the Website is used and some improvements and updates to the Website services are based on such data (which include for example the number of Users connected on the Website) collected by the cookies. If the User prefers not to accept a cookie, it can set its web browser to warn it before accepting cookies or it can refuse all cookies by turning them off in its web browser, if such functionalities are included in its web browser. The refusal of cookies may prevent the Website from functioning correctly.

Provision of Other Data by the User

Information and data provided by the User may be collected by CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES for purpose of generating statistical information and using such information for editorial purposes in order to improve the quality of the services available on the Website. CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES may share said non-personal aggregated information with its customers, partners or Users.

Linked Websites

CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES provides from the Website some links to third party websites on which CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES does not have any control and for the actions of which CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES cannot be responsible. CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices or the content of such third party websites and the access by the User to them is at the User’s own risks. CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES invites the User to review the privacy policy applying to the said third-party websites to check their personal information handling practices, whenever clicking on or interacting with any third-party web sites links.

User Undertakings

The User shall refrain from any act likely to damage the privacy or reputation of other party or any other person by avoiding any libelous, provocative, malicious or threatening comment, message or text. The User of the Website providing data to CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES through the Website or otherwise, warrants the accuracy and correctness of any information and data provided on the Website and that it is fully empowered and authorized to provide such information and data.

User’s Right of Access to Its Personal Information

The User has control over its personal information in accordance with the applicable law(s) protecting personal data under which the User is entitled to have access to its personal information and to have false information modified. For this purpose, the User is invited to contact webmaster at In accordance with the regulations protecting personal information, the right to access the personal data is a personal right that can be exercised only by the person concerned with respect to his/her/its own information. The User acknowledges to be authorized to produce the personal information concerned.

Disclosure of User’s Personal Information

CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES reserves its right at all times to disclose any User’s information provided on the Website in order to satisfy the requirements of any applicable law or regulation. CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES does not sell the personal information to third parties. CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES reserve the right to disclose and to report to law enforcement agencies information about User violating the Website rules and about any User activity believed to be unlawful.


CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES reserves the right to update and modify this Privacy Policy from time to time as needed without notice. All up-dates and modification of this Privacy Policy will be posted on the Website User is invited to review the terms of this Privacy Policy periodically to make sure that it is aware of how CONTROL & APPLICATIONS EMIRATES uses personal information.