Health, Safety, & Environment

Corporate HSE Policy Statement:
We’re committed to delivering HSE excellence for our clients, contractors, employees, and shareholders.

Intertek UKAS OHSAS 45001 2018 Main Certificate

OHSAS 45001:2018 Certificate

CAE HSE Policy


Our Corporate HSE Policy ensures that the highest standards in health, safety and environmental protection are met and requires commitment to continual HSE excellence.

We are committed to provide and maintain the highest level of safety and healthy environment at all times, hence preventing occupational accidents, injuries, illnesses or unnecessary environmental damages.

As a proof to our excellent HSE standards, we have been awarded HSE Excellence Certificates numerous times.

HSE Management System

We are dedicated to disseminate our HSE management system to the level of understanding of each employee. We intend to work together for the enhancement and upgrade of our system for continuous improvement.

We expand our HSE management system to our subcontractors and suppliers, whose proven HSE standards and procedure implementation and expertise are part of their selection. This method ensures a solid team work that in turn creates a culture of great improvement for us and our contractors/suppliers.

CAE HSE Diagram

HSE Goals for Every Project:

  • No accidents
  • No harm to people
  • No harm to the environment
  • Continuous improvement in HSE performance.

Our HSE policy and objectives are achieved through our management’s commitment to HSE programs in place, accident prevention and Health and Safety Insurance for every employee above and other consideration of any job operation or administration. Our procedures give strict responsibilities for every employee’s health, safety and environmental protection.

For more information about our HSE management system, please contact our HSE Department at