EPC for Substation-19 Upgrade at Maqta

Client:ADNOC Gas Processing (GASCO)

  Scope of Work

  • Feeders modification in 11kV switchgear.
  • Supply and installation of 2 nos. 11/0.415kV, 2MVA transformers, bus ducts, 415V, 3200A switchgears, 630kVA, and containerized DG Set.
  • Replacement of Fire & Gas system, modification of SMC system, LV, MV, and FO cabling.
  • Upgrade of Inergen shelter.
  • Temporary DG and temporary LV switchgear during changeover.
  • Civil works (rehabilitation of substation building, modification of transformer foundations, sump pits, etc.).
  • Miscellaneous works, such as demolition of some existing equipment.
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