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CAE Manpower

CAE Manpower

Currently CAE has 1,850 employees (data as of June 2017), both onsite and in the head office.

We have around 70 senior engineers with an average experience of over 15 years.

All our job-site engineers, general supervisors and site technicians are highly qualified and specialized in the fields of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control systems, with good knowledge of planning, organization methods and administration.

For every project, we confidently assign a team that is capable of undertaking high technology construction works. Our project teams maintain a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect for clients, sub-contractors and clients, thereby ensuring the highest degree of professional service and results for all undertaken projects.

In addition to strong and qualified manpower resources, we use various Control and Project Management Software Applications, developed and implemented in-house by using CPM techniques. This allows our clients and partners to track all phases of the project and monitor the implementation status and performance.